Product Description

The HeartHero® Aspirin Capsule has been developed to allow quick and easy access to life saving Emergency Aspirin*.   The HeartHero® Capsule is waterproof and airtight.  Place a 300 mg uncoated soluble Aspirin inside the HeartHero Capsule.  Keep in original foil.  Replace the Aspirin every 12 months. Register with HeartHero at time of purchase and receive an annual reminder to replace your Aspirin. 

Keep it handy in case you or someone close shows signs of heart attack symptoms. The HeartHero® Aspirin Capsule is a "must have" emergency product. Become a HeartHero® and save a life.  

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The HeartHero® 5 Pack for $9.95 (normally $49.75)  (plus P and P)

* Aspirin is not supplied with the HeartHero Aspirin Capsule.