About us

Greg & Jo Bridgman


 Greg and Jo Bridgman developed the HeartHero Aspirin Capsule in response to their personal experience with heart disease. Their story is one that many people will be able to relate to. 

Greg, a fit 50 something year old began experiencing some shortness of breath when climbing the stairs and a few weird feelings around his heart and chest area. Being a male he ignored it and simply complained to his wife!

He put it down to work stress. Jo, tired of listening made him a Doctors appointment. Within a week of visiting a cardiologist, Greg was in St Vincents Hospital in Sydney having stents.

One artery was 90% occluded and the reality was Greg was a walking time bomb. He could have had a heart attack at any time, in any place. Driving to work, riding his bike, at the movies or walking the dog.

This led Greg to investigate more about heart disease, its causes, its symptoms and to discuss it with friends and family . One discussion led to the question, “what should you do if you are having a heart attack”?  The expert information said call 000 and immediately chew an Aspirin - but no one Greg spoke to knew this and most people didn't have Aspirin at home or they had no idea where the Aspirin was.  

There are so many types of pain medication available today that most bathroom cabinets are far more likely to contain Nuerophen or Panadol. And what if you are not at home, near your bathroom cabinet that probably doesn't contain Aspirin when you develop heart attack symptoms?

Having Emergency Aspirin readily available is a problem because statistically you are more likely to have a heart attack  when your outside the home.  The HeartHero Aspirin Capsule allows you to have emergency Aspirin close at hand at all times.  The HeartHero Aspirin Capsule solves the problem.  

And consider this, It may not be you that has the heart attack. It could be the person sitting next to you on the bus,  your golfing buddy, the person in the lift at work your or your mother or father.

And so the idea of the HeartHero was born. A simple air tight capsule that can easily be clipped on your keys, your hand bag, your back pack, your golf bag so that you always have emergency Aspirin close at hand.